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About Us

(Mamun   Biswas)
As a exprienced blogger,i work about 2 years in this platform.
Professional Blogger | Content Writer | SEO Expert
Welcome to my insurancelinknetwork.com. I am Mamun Biswas. I am a professional blogger as well as a SEO Expert. I am also a medical student in BSMCH.

I am from a short villlage name Kaliachak which is in India. Mango fruit are famous here.

I did my matriculation from Howrah High School and also study in Bankura Sammilani Medical Collage.

After sometime i moved back to my home Malda and there i prepare to crack NEET Exam and that year i ceacked NEET and now i study in Bankura Sammilani Medical Collage.

I started my blogging 2 year ago. In the initial phase, I worked on Blogger and make many website and work on them but due to lack of good knowladge thats failed.

But now i have more knowladge about blogging and i perform now for this website. By the way i make many websites for myself and my cients. I want be a good writer become childhood and i wrote many ebooks but right now i cannot share that links here.

I am happy by helping people, you can follow me on social media - Mamun Biswas

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