What is Guest Post 2020? 8 Steps to start guest blogging in 2020

What is Guest Post? What is the correct way to do Guest Post?

What is Guest Post 2020? 8 Steps to start guest blogging in 2020

If you want to start Guest Posting but do not know where to start, then this post is a well Guide for you.

In this, you will know how Guest Posting can benefit your website Or business,

Also know that what 8 important steps that help in your marketing purpose,

Which expand the reach of your brand and blog site, and connect new customers or readers.

In this post these topics will be covered: -

  1. What is Guest Posting?
  2. What is the benefit of guest posting?
  3.  8 steps to follow guest post techniques.

What is Guest Post According to 2020? 

Guest posting is the contribution of content to another company, businessor blog site.

Meaning that my blog site is Bloggingraja and I am doing guest post on this blog Insurancelinknetwork.

In this way, the process is named Guest blogging or Guest Posting.

In guest posting, an author works as a contributor or guest author and provides content to a publisher.

In contrast Writer provides content for website or blog site,

Which neither belongs to the writer nor does marketing, PR or SEO benefits for their organizations.

What are the benefits of Guest Posting?

Guest blogging works as a marketing strategy as it will never be dead.

So it is very important for both Writers and Publishers.

When the content is relevant, valuable and high-quality, publishers get fresh content,
Which readers add value to your life by reading and appreciate you.

Guest Blogging has many potential benefits for writers: -

1. Brand Awareness occurs.

2. Relationship with Bloggers is built.

3. Authority is Boost.

4. New Audience is reached.

5. Can drive traffic from other websites.

6. Backlinks are created to Boost the SEO of the site.

7. Email List Grow.

8. Social Media followers are growing.

What is Guest Post 2020? 8 Steps to start guest blogging in 2020

How to varify Guest Posting Strategy in 8 Steps:-

There are several important steps involved in building a successful guest posting strategy.

These steps help you to set a good foundation for your plan,

Clear goals, expectations, and standards determine which opportunities are best for you.

It will be shared with you in this post further that:

1. Determine your guest posting goals.

2. Find guest posting opportunities.

3. Find Quality guest posting sites.

4. Develop blog post topics.

5. Create Perfect pitch.

6. Write a publishable post.

7. Follow your work.

8. Track your results.

1. Set your guest posting goals:-

A smart guest posting technique starts with outlining your goals, with all good marketing techniques.

After knowing what result you want to see from your work, it will help you to create a clear road map to get there.

Consider what can be accomplished through guest blogging and determine which two or three of your marketing goals are the best.

  • Increase brand awareness.Reach more people to know about you and your brand.
  • Introduce your projects and services.Reach more people to know about the service you provide.
  • Show Audience how you can help them. Try to show more people how your expertise, products, or services can solve problems.
  • Improve visibility on social media. Reach more people on social media to follow and connect with yourself or your brand.
  • Boost SEO.Generate high-quality backlinks that will boost your off-page SEO.
  • Increase Blog Traffic. Drive referral traffic on your website.

When you know what goal you want to achieve through guest posting, then it becomes easy for you to identify guest blogging opportunities.

Always give priority to those sites that help you get closer to your goals.

For example, if your goal is to increase website traffic, you will not want to waste your time by posting a guest on a small, niche site that has low traffic.

But if your goal is to create an industry authority, then you can benefit from writing for a small, industry-specific blog.

2. Find guest posting opportunities:-

If you are having problem in finding guest posting sites, then you can use the following 3 techniques: -

Find Sites that create interest for your audience.
Start looking for sites that attract and interest your audience.

If you are not sure what your Audience is interested in,

So you can use a buyer persona template to create your best customer profile.

Find similar sites like guest posting sites.
When you know that a particular site is liked or visited by the maximum audience, you can find other similar sites by using that information.

For example, if you prefer to guest post on any large site [Medium.com],

So enter that site in the Audience Overlap Tool.

And you will get a list of Sites that have the same audience as Medium.com, which can find and give you guest posting opportunities.

Find out where your competitors are posting.
This is another great way to find sites for guest blogging, find out which sites your competitor is connected to.

If a site is already linked to your competitor, then chances are it will also link to you.

Find backlinks of competitors, you can use Neil Patel's SEO tool Ubersuggest to find backlinks.

3. Qualify Guest Posting Sites:-

Once you have sites for guest blogging, then start making them eligible.

Find the blogs that provide guest posting opportunities.

Guest Posting and Create Createria of your Goals like:

  • Target the audience you want to reach.
  • Find the size of the audience that you want to reach.
  • Drive a certain amount of traffic.
  • Keep exploring.

Use the Overview tool of tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find Metrix that will help you measure [measure] and qualify Sites.

Enter the URL of the targeted site to see Site matrix, Alexa Rank, number of linking sites, Traffic Source, audience demographics and more.

4. Develop Blog Ideas:-

Once you find a site that meets your guest posting criteria, then develop Blog Ideas.

Think deeply about the kind of posts that support your goals while meeting the needs of publishers and readers.

Make sure their Audience is fit for:

Consider the readers of Publisher and create a blog on topics related to their interest.

You can use the Audience Interest Tool to know about the most popular topics of the site.

Enter the URL of that particular site in the Audience Interest Tool and find out which topic their readers care about.

To see the clusters of the category, click on that category, from here you can find the categories and posts that bind each other.

5. Create Guest Post Pitch [Email]:-

It is not easy to submit a guest post for guest blogging and publish it on your blog by the publisher.

Before publishers do yes to your content,

You must first grab the publisher's attention by creating a pitch for your post.

To create a pitch for a guest post, the following points will be noted:

A. Choose the right person to contact:-

Do not go to the general contact page of any site, try to find the detail of the blog's author or editor manager.

Apart from this, find the information of their contact with social media.

B. Read Guest Posting Guidelines:-

Before making a Pitch or Contact with the owners of any site, see if they really need a Guest Post.

Apart from this, if you are approved to do a guest post somewhere, then make good posts, do not waste your time and publishers' time from wasteful posts.

C. Create Compelling subject line:-

There is little possibility that you are pitching or contacting only publishers.

So make efforts to keep yourself standing in their inbox.

Write a subject line [Guest Post Submission] which is interesting and eye-catching rather than boring.

D. Be personal, not promotional:-

You can send dozens of guest post pitches but this does not mean that you have to send copy paste email [pitch] to every publisher.

Write your Outreach Email as you type one by one email.

What is Guest Post 2020? 8 Steps to start guest blogging in 2020

6. Write a Valuable guest post:-

Once your pitch is accepted, that means the email related to your guest post is accepted,

So you have to write a great guest post for Publisher.

Publisher will have the possibility to publish your post and work with you again if you provide them good quality content.

Submit a guest post that follows the following rules: -

A. Follow the Guidelines:-

Be careful in the beginning. Follow the guidelines of the guest post where you are going to post, if the guidelines have not been provided by them, then ask them what are your requirements related to the guest post.

B. Do not promote much:-

If the purpose of your guest post is to promote your product and services, then do so at least because mostly publishers do not like Promotion type posts.

C. Add Value content:-

Instead of promoting more, focus on adding value to the post.

Provide value to the readers, do not do anything that you wrote and waste the time of the user.

Provide such content to the publishers and readers so that they maintain an attachment to your content.

D. Check back:-

Don't write it to the publishers as soon as you write the post, on the contrary, check it again, check whether there are grammatically errors in it or whether a sentence is being implemented correctly.

E. If possible, add a link to your site:-

Most publishers have guest post linking guidelines, follow them,

And if you get permission, then you can add a link to a relevant post on your site.

This will increase your chances of having a relevant traffic drive on your post as an off-page SEO.

7. Follow:-

After submitting the guest post, your work will not be finished.

If you want to create a bond with Publisher and rewrite them, then you have to work for them even after submitting the post.

Help Publisher promote your post.

for example:

A. Share your post on social media:-

Be engaged in blog promotions and as soon as you create new content, then share it with your social media audience.

Whenever you get a chance, keep promoting the publisher's brand so that they feel that you are working for them.

B. Reply to Comments:-

Make sure to take care of the comments of your guest post and reply to those comments as soon as you get time.

8. Track guest posting results:-

Until you track your guest posting results, you cannot understand until the last moment what you have gained from guest posting.

For each guest post, use Matrix to track and monitor the marketing ROI of your work.

List your posts with website name, live link and relevant marketing KPIs.

Apart from these, track all these: -

  • Referral Traffic Count.
  • Count the number of New Visitors.
  • Count Social Shares.
  •  Note the SERPs Results Changes.
  • Note the number of New Leads.

With these Matrix, you can identify the sites that help you reach your goals and the sites that were missed by the mark.

This will help you decide which sites you should try to guest post again and which sites should be removed from future guest posting plans.

Final Tips:-

So friends, now I think you should start working on Guest Posting techniques.

Now you know how Guest Post can help in your Marketing, PR and SEO.

You have also known 8 tips to implement your strategy.

Implement the techniques given in this post for guest posting, so that your brand awareness, site ranking development and SEO will also help,

Which will lead to more referral traffic drive on your site.

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