How to apply for online leave from Shala Darpan staff login 2020

How to apply for online leave from Shala Darpan staff login 2020

How to apply for online leave from Shala Darpan staff login 2020

What is Shala Darpan? 

This is a project of the Rajasthan Government to maintain connections between students, parents, school administration and teachers, to maintain transparency and to reach out to various education services to the HRD (Human Resource Development of Government of India) and NIC (National Informatics Center) was created on 5 June 2015.

Under this program, there is nearly 65 thousand schools have been connected. This gives nearly about 13,00,000 students data to their parents and 60,000 teachers. This website only made for parents, teachers and school administration officials to know about the progress Or privilege of the student. Shala Darshan is not at all India, it is only available in Rajasthan. 

How to apply for online leave from Shala Darpan staff login 2020

  • To apply for leave from Shala Darpan, you must have a Shala Darpan I'd. So go to the official website and create your personal NIC-ID ( Shala darpan I'd). After submit you got your Shala Darpan I'd and password on your register mobile number by sms. Please keep I'd and password safe. 
  • Then you search on google that Shala Darpan then click first Link or click here
  • After opening the full page then scroll down⬇ and find staff Window
  • Then open a new page and you see there a option to login for staff
  • Then you fill there NIC-ID and Password and login safely. 
  • After login, see left side upper corner there must be a 3 line button on the home button
  • Click on this and you see option of Profile, Application form, reports
  • Now click on Application menu, then you show Leave Reason option. Then click on This option. 
  • Open a new page and you show Leave Application Form. Now you should to fill this form. 
  • In the reason of Leave there show 4 options, Casual, Election duty, Child Birthday and Medical Ground. You choose any one of the topic, 
  • Next option coming to Leave Type , you see there option that Instantly Leave, Ordering Leave, CCL, HPL, PL, ML.... Choose any one topic type, 
  • In this form you must give the leave date and how many days you need leave, means the last date till leave write down
  • After there is also a option to which type you want leave - full day or halp day..... 
  • Then you see another option which time you want to leave before Afternoon or After Afternoon must fill it, 
  • Next option coming to Headquarter Leave Required. If you have Headquarter leave then you write yes, if you haven't headquarter leave then you write No. 
  • Adress During Leave Period in this section you must write the place where you leave in present. 
  • In the remark section you write to which type of your leave - CL, PL, HPL
  • Click on next then show repeat form with fill up then scroll down and find  3rd bracket icon ([]) then click on it. 
  • Now click on submit button and then your application is submit to DDO of the Shala Darpan, the call to your Head master of the Shala Darpan to know that he confirmed your leave or not.. 

Frequently Answered Questions About Shala Darpan (FAQ of Shala Darpan) 

Q. 1 :- How to apply online for leave application in the school staffs? 

:- He /she need to have a User I'd and password and apply through the Staff Window by providing or filling I'd and password and apply for leave application, then fill it and submit through permit the head master of the school

Q. 2 :- Which type of Leave reason available for application? 

:- There is many type of leave reason, CCL, HPL, PL, Ordering Leave, Casual Leave etc. Choose anyone which you want. 

Q. 3:- How to find my Leave application status online? 

:- At first you need to sign in to the I'd and password and then click on Application for leave. Then you see status option then cheak your status it may be Pending, Approval, Rejected, Amendment. Any type of leave status you can cheak here. 

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