Full Details About Shala Darpan Portal 2020 | How Work Shala Darpan |

Full Details About Shala Darpan Portal 2020

Full Details About Shala Darpan Portal 2020

We heard about Navadaya  Vidlaya School and every state's district has many of Navadaya Vidlaya School. Everyone knows about Navadaya Vidlaya Samity gives free of cost study and also give high facility for students. So here HDR means Minister of Human Resource Development has been help to open school in Rajasthan by the help of Navadaya Vidlaya Samity and then HDR open a school,  name is - Shala Darpan Portal.

Key Features about Shala Darpan Portal:-

  • This Shala Darpan Portal is mainly for Rajasthan students. 
  • Shala Darpan Portal mainly operated by central government of india and here all study operated by Navadaya Vidlaya Samity. It is a type of Management system of Navadaya Vidlaya Samity
Shala Darpan Portal mainly open for the communication between teacher, students and parents. They provide information sharing technology.
  • If your child read in shala darpan then they give to you a login id and password. 
  • Through I'd and password you can see your child report
  • They  running on about 2.5 lakh student and 23500  staffs over the school of Shala Darpan Portal. 
  • They provide much more facilities that you want and they gave all type of information at see the students. This school management system is fully automation. 

Shala Darpan has many management system like as :-

  1. For Information sharing - Informatics management portal
  2.  management system of automation
  3.  management system of library
  4.  management system of budget and Finance
  5.  Management System update activity
  6.  management system of night activity
  7. Management system of inventory and Store
  8. Main system of food and decoration

Three codes on the shala darpan portal gets help everytime:-

Jaipur. There is good news for government schools across the state. Now they have to do any kind of correspondence with the department, then they will be able to do it immediately. 

Just for this they have to use Shala Darpan portal. If there is any problem related to the portal, the institution head will have to fill three codes on the portal in the school mirror cell and the Directorate of Secondary Education. 

After filling these codes the schools will not have any kind of problem. Their problem will be resolved immediately. Every school must adopt this step. Personnel will have to tell their own code if they have any problem of their own.

The school will have to mention the school mirror 
  • NIC code 
  • IUD code and 
  • IFMS code 
which will have the office ID to tell your problem. After these codes, the school's problem on the portal will immediately catch up.

If there is a personnel related problem, you will have to write Amloi ID. In each letter, the mobile number of the head of the concerned institution will have to be written, so that the concerned officials will be able to talk if needed. Along with this, the number of the school mirror in-charge will also have to be written.

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